The Barnabas Mission

Seeking Those Who Want to Know God, Building Up the Body of Christ.

In Acts 4:36, we read about a man named Joseph, a Levite from Cyprus, whom the Apostles called, “Barnabas.” The same passage tells us that his name means, “Son of Encouragement.” As we look at the life of Barnabas in the book of Acts, he is repeatedly found doing encouraging things, i.e. selling property to assist those in need, establishing relationship between a new convert named Paul and the rest of the church, going on missionary journeys with Paul and later with John Mark, delivering funds, and teaching. His life was built on the Christ-like principle of  service to others. This life example is the founding premise of the Barnabas Mission!

Sandy and Cindy Detherage.

Sandy and Cindy Detherage.

Although I must confess that I have tried desperately over my lifetime to provide the energy, effort, and finances to accomplish this task on my own, God has reminded me, (through several of His children), that this is beyond my sole ability. I have joined with:

  1. Abilene Christian University to participate in the Worldwide Witness program, introducing university students to the mission field of Papua New Guinea;

  2. South Pacific Bible College in Tauranga, New Zealand, to equip leaders throughout the South Pacific region and the world; and

  3. Dennis and Sharon Welch in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, equipping and encouraging indigenous Christians to tell others what they know about our Lord and King, Jesus!

  4. Story of Redemption and the Next Generation for Christ, with Dr. James Nored.

YOU can participate in this work in a couple of ways!


First, your prayers for this work are highly solicited.

Sickness, injury, potential political unrest, cultural rejection, and other factors, all pose a threat to the mission being successful. As the Apostle Paul requested prayers that he might be bold in proclaiming the Gospel, so to, we solicit your prayers for this effort to build up the body of Christ. 

Second, the expenses are high when travelling to remote areas of the world. Therefore, your monetary contributions are always appreciated. 

Our current goal is $20,000 annually to accomplish the desired travel. This will cover travelling to all three countries, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, Cambodia, (and other countries as the doors open for us to go). As you might expect, the largest cost is the airfare, (approximately 60% of the total). The remainder is to be used for unexpected expenses, (after all, PNG is also called the “Land of the Unexpected.”), housing, ground transportation, and to responsibly address immediate needs discovered on these trips. Your contributions toward these expenses can be sent to the High Pointe Church of Christ, 3201 North Central Expressway, McKinney, Texas 75071. Please remember to identify your contribution for “The Barnabas Mission Fund.”  Or you can give online by using the Barnabus Online Giving Link on the Home Page.  

  • The plan for Papua New Guinea in 2015, included a connection with Worldwide Witness. This included taking three student interns from Abilene Christian University to spend 6 weeks in the country, sharing their faith, time, and energy to build up the body of Christ. Much more than a one or two week mission trip, this provided a longer exposure to mission work and much of the time was spent in rugged conditions, living out of our backpacks. On this trip alone, 64 lessons were delivered, 12 locations were visited, 11 people decided to commit their lives to God and put on Christ in baptism, and 169 people responded to the invitation!

Training church leaders in Wewak, Papua New Guinea.

Training church leaders in Wewak, Papua New Guinea.

  • The trip to New Zealand in 2017, included visiting the South Pacific Bible College, (SPBC), in Tauranga. The unique mission of the school is to grow Christian leaders throughout the South Pacific. By partnering with this school, we can affect the development of Christian leaders in a large region of the globe. Students have come to SPBC from New Zealand, Australia, China, Fiji, Korea, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Tonga, Malaysia, the USA, and Vanuatu. After graduation they are encouraged to return with the Gospel to their own communities. Graduates are currently involved in a variety of ministries around the world, including church plants in Chile', the Philippines, Thailand, and Tonga. During this visit, church leaders were invited to join the South Pacific Bible College Board of Trustees in our meeting. These leaders asked for a "New Wave" of missionaries to come to New Zealand to revitalize the churches in New Zealand!

  • Asia in 2017: This trip included SPBC Board Members hosting the Asia Mission Forum in Chiang Man, Thailand, followed by the SPBC Alumni Reunion, and then some time of encouragement with Dennis and Sharon Welch, a missionary family from Cambodia. Before returning to the USA, Cindy and I will stopped by Shanghai, China, to spend a few days with some of our former FriendSpeak readers. They were greatly encouraged and were a blessing to us as well.

  • 2018 had a full schedule, which included; El Salvador, New Zealand, India, Papua New Guinea, and Cambodia. While at home in Texas, it also included participation in the Friend Speak ministry on the campus of UTD, (University of Texas at Dallas). This ministry provides English classes for foreign students, using the books of Luke, Acts, and John, to teach the English lessons.

  • 2019 has included two trips to Singapore with the Next Generation for Christ/Story of Redemption where training has taken place with four different churches in the city of Singapore. One more trip to Singapore is scheduled for later this year and one trip to conduct training in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, will be the final trip of 2019.

Thank you for your prayerful and financial support of this ministry. With your participation, we CAN make a difference in some hard to reach areas of the world!




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