The Barnabas Mission

Seeking Those Who Want to Know God, Building Up the Body of Christ.

In Acts 4:36, we read about a man named Joseph, a Levite from Cyprus, whom the Apostles called, “Barnabas.” The same passage tells us that his name means, “Son of Encouragement.” As we look at the life of Barnabas in the book of Acts, he is repeatedly found doing encouraging things, i.e. selling property to assist those in need, establishing relationship between a new convert named Paul and the rest of the church, going on missionary journeys with Paul and later with John Mark, delivering funds, and teaching. His life was built on the Christ-like principle of  service to others. This life example is the founding premise of the Barnabas Mission!

Barnabas Mission and Worldwide Witness at Abilene Christian University

One aspect of the Barnabas Mission is to develop a new generation of Christians who are excited about becoming involved in God's mission. It has been a pleasure to partner with Abilene Christian University, (ACU), and the Worldwide Witness program! ACU has studied the effectiveness of short-term missions and concluded that the best benefit is gained both in the field and in the lives of the students when certain requirements are met. Those who enroll in this ministry internship are required to meet such standards, including a Spring semester course, specific readings, a minimum of 6 weeks field experience, and follow-up after the summer. In addition, each participant in the PNG trip is required to go through a weekend field training experience near Abilene, as we "rough it" and practice extemporaneous teaching and preaching, which will certainly be a part of our work in PNG!

For a first-hand account of how the internship in Papua New Guinea has had an affect on three students, click here. This will allow you to hear from these students directly.

May God bless you as you minister where you are today!

New Zealand/Cambodia/Thailand 2016

In March 2016, Brad Cox, Marcus Wilkin, and I made a trip to New Zealand, Cambodia, and Thailand. While the purpose set forth in our mission remained the same, the approaches were different in each location.

In New Zealand, we were able to visit and encourage the staff, faculty, and student body at the South Pacific Bible College. We were also able to see and hear, first hand, the student dreams and plans for service upon graduation. What an inspiration to get to know these great Christian servants!

In Cambodia, we were able to listen to the transition plans set forth by Dennis and Sharon Welch as their work makes some dramatic changes to become more of a grass roots level type of disciple-making movement. We were also able to do some supportive teaching and encourage our Cambodian brothers and sisters as they prepare for these changes.

In Thailand, we were able to sit down with American missionaries who work with several of the South Pacific Bible College graduates in the city of Chiang Mai. The missionaries all spoke favorably of the preparation provided by SPBC. We also were blessed with the opportunity to see and worship with a new church plant and to see several creative ways in which SPBC alumni have chosen to use their training to reach out to the world around them and serve.

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