The Barnabas Mission

Seeking Those Who Want to Know God, Building Up the Body of Christ.

In Acts 4:36, we read about a man named Joseph, a Levite from Cyprus, whom the Apostles called, “Barnabas.” The same passage tells us that his name means, “Son of Encouragement.” As we look at the life of Barnabas in the book of Acts, he is repeatedly found doing encouraging things, i.e. selling property to assist those in need, establishing relationship between a new convert named Paul and the rest of the church, going on missionary journeys with Paul and later with John Mark, delivering funds, and teaching. His life was built on the Christ-like principle of  service to others. This life example is the founding premise of the Barnabas Mission!

Abilene Christian University has partnered with the Barnabas Mission to provide internship opportunities for university students via the Worldwide Witness program. 

High Pointe Church of Christ serves as the sponsoring congregation for the Barnabas Mission.

Mission Resource Network has been a valuable asset for the Barnabas Mission in planning global strategic church planting.

The South Pacific Bible College is a training facility for preparing Christians to minister in their own country.

Mission Bible Class is a great resource for children's Bible classes and is available worldwide on-line.

The Story of Redemption was developed by God, but presented in this unique format by Dr. James Nored, and is a great way to share the Gospel message with a younger generation! 

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